The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn


    Welcome to The Ship Inn, a charming pub nestled in the village of Trefin in North Pembrokeshire. With its rustic interior, friendly staff, and breathtaking views, this pub offers a truly memorable experience for all who visit. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pub experience, local cuisine, or a place to unwind with friends and family, The Ship Inn has it all.

    A Characterful Interior

    Step inside The Ship Inn and you’ll be greeted by a characterful interior that exudes warmth and charm. The rustic wooden beams, traditional furnishings, and cosy fireplace create a welcoming ambiance, especially on cooler days. The pub’s interior is a perfect blend of tradition and comfort, making patrons feel right at home.

    Welcoming Hospitality

    One of the highlights of The Ship Inn is its friendly and hospitable staff. They go above and beyond to make every guest feel welcome and ensure a memorable experience. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. The staff’s attentiveness and genuine care for their patrons truly set The Ship Inn apart.

    A Selection of Fine Ales and Beverages

    The Ship Inn is not only known for its warm atmosphere and hospitality but also for its wide selection of fine ales and beverages. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or prefer a refreshing cocktail, you’ll find something to suit your taste. The knowledgeable staff can recommend the perfect drink to complement your meal or simply enjoy on its own.

    Outdoor Seating with Breathtaking Views

    In addition to its inviting interior, The Ship Inn boasts an outdoor seating area where guests can bask in the beauty of the Pembrokeshire countryside. With stunning coastal views, it’s the perfect setting for a relaxing meal or a refreshing pint. Take in the fresh sea breeze as you enjoy your food and drinks, creating an unforgettable experience.

    Traditional Pub Cuisine with a Local Twist

    When it comes to food, The Ship Inn offers a delightful menu that showcases the best of traditional pub cuisine with a local twist. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty Sunday roast, a classic fish and chips, or a mouthwatering burger, you’ll find it here. The skilled chefs use locally sourced ingredients to create dishes bursting with flavor and authenticity.

    Indulge in Delicious Puds

    No visit to The Ship Inn is complete without trying their delicious puds. From classic sticky toffee pudding to rich chocolate fondant, their dessert menu is a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Indulge in these decadent delights and satisfy your cravings with a perfect ending to your meal.

    Perfectly Located for the Coastal Path

    The Ship Inn is ideally situated for those exploring the famous Pembrokeshire coastal path. After a long day of hiking and taking in the stunning scenery, stop by The Ship Inn to refuel and relax. Enjoy a well-deserved meal and drink while recounting your adventures with friends and fellow explorers.

    A Hub of Welsh Hospitality

    The Ship Inn captures the essence of Welsh hospitality, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. It’s not just a pub; it’s a hub where people come together to share stories, enjoy good food and drink, and create lasting memories. The sense of community and camaraderie at The Ship Inn is truly special.


    If you’re looking for a pub that offers good food, friendly staff, and a picturesque setting, look no further than The Ship Inn in Trefin, North Pembrokeshire. With its characterful interior, delicious cuisine, and stunning coastal views, it’s a true gem of the region. Whether you’re seeking a traditional pub experience, a taste of local cuisine, or simply a place to unwind, The Ship Inn has it all. Come and experience the warmth of Welsh hospitality at The Ship Inn.
      The rich history of The Ship Inn in Trefin, North Pembrokeshire: Explore the origins and historical significance of this charming pub, shedding light on its journey throughout the years.
    2. From its humble beginnings as a small fishing cottage in the 18th century, The Ship Inn has witnessed the ebb and flow of generations, serving as a gathering place for locals and travelers alike.
    3. Over the years, it has evolved into a beloved establishment, preserving its traditional character while also adapting to the changing times, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all who step through its doors.
    4. Whether enjoying a pint by the roaring fire or indulging in the delicious homemade cuisine, visitors can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the past and appreciation for the enduring legacy of The Ship Inn in Trefin.2. The unique atmosphere and architecture of The Ship Inn: Delve into the distinct ambiance and architectural features that make this pub stand out, providing a visual experience for readers interested in visiting or learning more about it.
    3. Local cuisine and beverages at The Ship Inn: Highlight the regional dishes and traditional

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35 Ffordd Y Felin, Trefin, Haverfordwest SA62 5AX